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Responsible Use Of Cannabis In Malta

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Malta's Cannabis History


‘Legalise It Malta!’ is founded, hosting protests in support of Malta’s cannabis community.


Malta decriminalised possession of 3.5g of cannabis for personal use.


‘ReLeaf’ is formed & launches its manifesto during a rally outside Parliament in Valletta.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says that if re-elected, he will set the ball rolling for a “national discussion” on the legalisation of cannabis.


President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca legalises the consumption of medical cannabis with a medical prescription.


The government launches a cannabis White Paper proposal.

14th December 2021:

Malta becomes the first EU country to legalise cannabis.

Malta Setting An Example
For Cannabis Regulation

The main aim of Malta’s Authority For The Regulation & Use Of Cannabis (ARUC) is to ensure the safety, integrity & health of people who use cannabis in Malta. They’re responsible for ensuring that non-profit organisations are successful & efficient.

ARUC is also responsible for the legal regulation of cannabis by only allowing restricted access to cannabis. By minimising the harms of using cannabis & black market consumption, the authority will ensure public health & safety.

Here Are The Basics

You Need To Know

There’s a lot of confusion about a lot of things surrounding our cannabis laws.

Age limits, how much you can carry on you, how much you can grow at home, places you can smoke, and more.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main points you need to know.

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ARUC’S Mission For
Harm Reduction

ARUC will be creating a Harm and Risk Reduction policy based on the principles of public health by offering a pragmatic, yet compassionate set of strategies designed to reduce the harmful consequences of cannabis use for both the members & the community they are a part of.

Cannabis Laws Everyone

Should Be Aware Of

These are current laws that Malta has in place with cannabis usage. The rules continue to update as Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis establishes an effective & efficient system that ensures the responsible use of cannabis.


If you’re 18+, you can be in possession of up to 7 grams of cannabis for personal use. If found with an amount between 7 & 28 grams, the cannabis will be confiscated & you can be fined with €325-€500.


You can legally grow up to 4 cannabis plants in your residence, as long as they aren’t visible from any other places. You can have a max of 50 grams of dried cannabis at home, but selling or growing for others is illegal.


Only licensed non-profit organisations are allowed to legally dispense cannabis to adults. They are in charge of cultivating, point to point transportation, storage & sale of cannabis to their members.


A person convicted in the past of a criminal offence that is now being decriminalised will be able to remove the sentence from his or her conduct certificate by means of a written request.

Malta’s Plans For Cannabis

Mariella Dimech is the Executive Chairperson of Malta’s Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis. She walks us through was is currently legal & illegal when it comes to cannabis in Malta, while also explaining further plans that they’re working on. We also got some insights on how to be a safe user & advice for first-time users.

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What Safe Cannabis

Use Looks Like 

Karen Mamo is a leading expert on harm reduction & safe usage of cannabis in Malta. She discusses how to consume cannabis safely, as well as signs of unsafe usage amongst peers. She also explains the importance of reducing harm & removing the stigma around cannabis.

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Fact Or Fiction?

Now that cannabis is legal in Malta, how much does the public actually know about the substance? We took to Sliema to test what the Maltese population knows about the myths & facts surrounding weed. How many answers would you have got right?

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